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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 14, 2014 6:00am-6:31am JST

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hello, and thank you for joining us on this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. russian forces have begun drills. they are running through drill using about 100 military vehicles and five attack helicopters. they're staging the exercises in
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islands called northern territories. they have received information that the exercises are taking place on two of the islands. russia controls the four islands, but the japanese government maintains that they're an inherent part of japanese territory. >> translator: we cannot accept russian military drills on the northern territories. >> foreign ministry officials have launched a formal protest with russia. and russia's acting ambassador to japan reportedly said the islands belong to his country and the military drills don't cause problems. north korea's test missile launches are not meant to be provocation against japan. that's what japan's foreign minister was told by his north korean counterpart recently.
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he conferred last sunday on the sidelines of the asean foreign ministers meeting in myanmar. in the brief conversation, he called on the north to exercise restraint. the north korean foreign minister reportedly responded by saying the country's nuclear and missile programs do not target japan. a nhk reporter says the minister's remark stressed the country's intention not to confront japan directly. it also seems to reflect a desire to create rifts among japan, the u.s. and south korea. the u.s. government eased sanctions against north korea last month after officials in pyongyang began investigating the people who disappeared. a car bombing has struck near the home of a relative of iraq's prime minister designate.
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one person died in the blast in baghdad. security authorities say the attack is politically motivated. the president has appointed haider al-abadi as prime minister. authorities believe people opposed to a new administration under abadi caused the attack. the attacks took place as abadi and maliki are in a standoff. abadi was named to replace him on monday. and the following day, the largest sunni faction started forming a cabinet. fighting continues between kurdish troops and the militants. the militants continue to bee
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siege mountainous areas around sinjar. more than 20,000 people from a religious minority group remain stranded there without food or water. now u.s. officials have september in more help. an additional 130 military advisers have joined in the relief effort. >> we're not going back into iraq in any of the same combat mission dimensions that we once were in, in iraq. very specifically, this is not a combat, boots-on-the ground operation. >> a spokesperson for the pentagon said the advisers are made up of marines and special operations forces. they've already arrived inn in erbil.
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specialists have neutralized 100% of the agent used to make sarin gas. pentagon officials say experts aboard a containership have disposed the agent. they will now tush their attention to the mustard gas. they expect to destroy all of that by next month. syrian leaders agreed to join the chemical weapons convention and give up their stockpile. now the top diplomats from the united states and australia are growing concerned about the number of foreigners fighting in the middle east. john kerry and julie bishop have agreed to push for a global response. bishop said many citizens have traveled to the region to support islamist militants. >> people going to fight in conflicts around the world,
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leaving their countries, going to syria, iraq and elsewhere are becoming radicalized and taking part in extremist terrorist activities, is in fact an international problem. >> we intend to join together in order to bring this to the united nations meeting. >> kerry said solving the problem will require the support of officials in the fighters' home countries. a small airplane carrying brazilian candidate eduardo campos and six others has crashed in southeastern brazil. everyone on board died. and the incouple bent president declared three days of national mourning. the aircraft was flying from rio de janeiro. it was attempting to land in bad weather and plunged into the city's residential area. he was planning to run in the
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presidential election scheduled in october. recent polls showed campos third among the three main candidates. the present president called him a great political leader and announced three days of national mourning. police in thailand are trying to unravel a mystery. they're looking into a case that could involve as many as 15 babies born to surrogate mothers and a japanese man. one. women says she received about $10,000. nhk world reports. >> reporter: thai police discovered nine babies last week in an apartment near bangkok a japanese businessman owns. he's 24 years old, and he claims to have fathered them. this woman says she was the surrogate mother of one of the babies. she's 21 years old. she said two years ago an it
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thai broker made her an offer. >> translator: the broker said i could make money if i delivered a baby. i wanted it, because we were poor. >> reporter: she signed a contract which states the amount of money that she would get and that she has no right to claim the baby. the woman said she underwent in vitro fertilization. four days after she delivered, the broker took the baby. she says she's received little explanation about the biological parents, but she says she met a japanese man three times during her pregnancy. >> translator: we never really spoke to each other. i didn't know how old he was or why he wanted to have babies. i assumed that he was busy, because he had other babies too.
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>> reporter: police have found six other babies that may have been born to surrogate mothers at the man's request. they say those babies obtained japanese and thai passports that bear the man's family name. but they say he has already taken four of them out of the country. they said dna tests showed that nine of the infants are likely from the same father. they're trying to find out whether it's the japanese man, but he has lett for macau. police are urging him through his lawyer to return to thailand. nhk world. consumers across japan have been holding onto their money. they've spent less since the government raised the
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consumption tax in april. and their penny pinching has held back the economy. government officials are reporting negative growth. it's the sharpest decline since the first quarter of 2011 when the earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern japan. the officials have composite numbers for the april to june period. they say in real terms, gdp was minus 1.7% compared to the previous quarter. that points to an average growth rate of minus 6.8%. people had rushed out to buy large items like homes and appliances before the tax hike. but consumers' spending appetite has since faded. and as for capital investment, that dropped 2.5%. business managers heigtightened their budgets.
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that came after windows stopped supporting its xp operating system. akey da amari said the transaction is in a normal range. >> translator: some of the after effects of the tax hike are lingering, but they're gradually receding. we're expecting the economy to recover moderately. we think our economic policy measures are working. >> amari said his upbeat assessment is based on consumer confidence and business investment. but still, store managers across japan are wondering when their customers will come back. some worry that could take a while. here's more from our reporter. >> reporter: consumers have become more frugal in recent months. they're forking out less on everything. big and small.
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shoppers across japan are keeping a tight grip on their wallet. they're spending less on all kinds of things, even their pets. managers at one pet food business say their sales have slumped. they say between april and june they sold 50% less than this time last year. they say many customers bought supplies in bulk before the tax went up. and they blame an increase in the cost of raw materials for making things worse. they have no choice but to lift their prices, and that's turned many pet owners away. >> translator: i try to find cheaper items and stock up. >> translator: the impact of the tax hike has continued for much longer than we expected. we're hoping sales will start to recover in late autumn. >> reporter: consumers are also
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holding off on bigger purchases. many have given up on their dreams of owning a house. builders say that's put a dent in their business. they say for four months straight they've had less work than last year. they also blame a shortage of workers for forcing up their production costs. >> translator: i want a new house, but it's expensive. i'm also thinking of buying a pre-owned apartment. >> reporter: managers at some firms are trying a different tact to lift their sales. they're promoting homes with indoor suites. they say people have a better chance of affording a house if they can share the cost with their parents. >> translator: we think we'll be still struggling for a while longer this year. we hope we can draw up plans for our customers to make houses
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easier to buy. >> reporter: one expert says the hangover from the tax could be harder to shake off than he expected. >> translator: the pace of recovery could be slow. stocks of cars and machinery are piling up. so manufacturers could reduce their production, and that could lead to a vicious cycle for the entire economy. >> reporter: prime minister abe is expected to decide by the end of the year whether he will raise the tax in 2015 to 10%. but before then he'll need to prove the initial increase worked and give consumers the confidence to start spending again. nhk world. officials from japan and the u.s. are trying to narrow their differences over auto trade issues. they want to clear the way for a broader free trade pact covering
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the asia pacific region. the two-day meeting in tokyo is focusing on bilateral issues. the talks are in the trans-pacific partnership. the u.s. officials have been pressing for revisions to japan's safety standards and fuel efficiency requirements >. they want to raise their tariffs when japanese vehicles surge. they hope to complete their discussions by the end of this year. and next, let's take a brief look at the market figures.
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s nhk has found that an increasing number of evacuees from fukushima have given up hope of ever returning to their hometowns. the nuclear accident three years ago has caused them to resettle elsewhere. officials have designated the land around the fukushima daiichi plant as no-entry zones or areas where people can make short visits. there's no prospect of people being able to return to their homes anytime soon. the residents of these evacuation zones can claim tax deductions if they buy a house or land in other places.
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nhk has found that about 1400 applicants were given tax breaks during the fiscal year that ended in march. that's more than double the figure from the previous year. many evacuees are weighing their options and are facing tough decisions. nhk has the details. >> reporter: they evacuated from a town 10 kilometers from fukushima daiichi. he lives with his wife and mother in an apartment east of tokyo. he used to be a part-time farmer. he lived in a house surrounded by rice and vegetable fields. >> translator: i know i can never return, but i feel attached to the place, because i lived there for decades.
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>> reporter: he gave up hope of returning. he decided to settle in a new city 150 cloms from his hometown. he bought an old house last yeayea year. he made the decision for his grandchildren. his four grandchildren live outside fukushima as evacuees. they don't know anything about his previous home. he said he wanted to give them a new hometown. he worries if he can fit in with his new neighbors, but he's determined to build ties in the community. >> translator: i've convinced myself that a new chapter of my life starts here. >> reporter: but some people are not as fortunate. they have no option but to continue living in their
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temporary housing. yu yukiko also evacuated. she takes care of her parents. they are in their 80s and have heart problems. she takes her parents to their home once a week and helps them to clean up the house. but their place is in a restricted area. residents are allowed to visit, but they can't live there. >> translator: my utmost desire is that we live in peace in this house when the decontamination is completed. i will feel sorry for our ancestors if we abandon their
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home. >> reporter: her son decided to settle in the sound he evacuated too after the disaster. he wans his mother to live with him. but tajiri feels she should respect her parents' strong wish to return to their hometown. . >> translator: i want to live with my son and his children, but i can't abandon my parents. >> reporter: evacuees have to make tough choices because of the power plant disaster. they can make a fresh start somewhere else or wait until the situation improves. but their lives will be difficult, whatever they decide to do. nhk world. four crippled reactors. a constant buildup of contaminated water.
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radioactive leaks, threatening the environment. the people in charge of fukushima daiichi are struggling to control the plant. how will they stop the leaks and decommission the facilities? get the latest on the aftermath of the nuclear accident with in depth reports and special features. nuclear watch, only on "newsline." cup and ball looks simple, but it takes plenty of skill. it's a game that's been in japan for more than a century, and it's now becoming popular abroad. people in hawaii have recognized it as a sport. >> reporter: in the land of surf and sunshine, there's a hot new sport. at this shop, an entire wall is filled with cup and ball. they come in a wide range of
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designs and different kinds of wood. for the keenest young customers, one cup and ball is never enough. how many do you have? >> 16. maybe about four to five hours a day. >> and until last year it was just sell one maybe every week. and now it's sell hundreds every week. >> reporter: ken dau ma is more than just a pastime. for some, it's become an extreme fast with light anything fast moves and techniques. each with their own names. twirling the ken dau ma at high speed, this trick is called the whirlwind. and flipping it high in the air. this is a spacewalk.
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local enthusiasts like to combine the different techniques to create their own original routines. >> it's kind of hard to be creative a little bit, because there's like so many different tricks that it's hard to find a different one. >> reporter: competitions are held to give enthusiasts a chance to show off their skills. >> three, two, one, go! >> reporter: recently, more than 1,000 young people gathered for this kendama event. the goal was to create the most amount of moves in the shortest amount of time. there are even professional players now, sponsored by a kendama manufacturer. they wowed the crowd with their advanced techniques and routines. [ applause ] >> we are in between the big
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u.s. and we are in japan. you know, everyone can come together and meet here. and i think that's why hawaii is so big on ken dau ma. >> reporter: mia and her son took part in a competition. they have been practicing hard every day. they see their friends more these days. >> you get to see the person face-to-face. it's not like you're just looking at a computer screen the whole day. >> reporter: their father has noticed the change. >> concentration levels are a lot higher, so hopefully that can translate into schoolwork or anything they want to do in life. >> reporter: skill, mablg nation, and plenty of attitude. young people in hawaii are transforming this traditional
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japanese game into the hottest new pastime on the islands. nhk world, oahu, hawaii. p p p and this is news just in. representatives of hamas have reportedly agreed to extend the cease-fire in the gaza strip. israeli officials and hamas have been meeting in egypt. they started an offensive in gaza more than a month ago. and next, here's a three-day outlook on the weather around the globe.
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and this is breaking news once again. representatives of the hamas have reportedly agreed to extend the cease-fire in the gaza strip. negotiators have agreed to extend the cease-fire. the israel has not responded. representatives of hamas have agreed to extend the cease-fire. palestinian officials have been meeting in cairo. delegates of hamas agreed to extend the truce for another five 'll be back with the
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latest at the top of the hour. so please stay tuned to nhk "newsline."
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japanese art. >> that history lives on to this day. >> i was born and raised in japan, but i have lived in new york city for more than 20 years. right now i'm to fascinated to learn more about japanese art and it's history of over 10,000


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